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This workshop goes over my entire workflow, from importing files through sorting, post-processing, exporting and printing.

The workshop requires that you have:

Trial version of the software can be downloaded by clicking on the mentioned applications above.

Adobe Lightroom segment will cover the following:

Overview and Lightroom Settings
Photo Importing

  • Importing files
  • File Handling
  • Develop Settings
  • Tethered Capture

Library Module

  • Navigator
  • Catalog Panel
  • Library Previews
  • Navigator Panel
  • Folders Panel
  • View Modes
  • All about Collections
  • Working in Library
  • Tagging and Filters
  • Keywords
  • Quick Develop
  • Metadata

Develop Module

  • Develop Workspace
  • Histogram
  • Presets
  • The Basic panel: Essential adjustments for every photo
  • Tone Curve: Modify tones based on ranges of luminance
  • Targeted Adjustment Tool
  • HSL / Color / B & W: Adjust color by range
  • Split Toning: Apply creative color treatments
  • Detail: Fine-tune sharpening and noise reduction
  • Lens Corrections: Fix image problems caused by the lens
  • Effects: Add vignettes and simulate film grain
  • Camera Calibration: Precisely control raw image rendering
  • Before/After
  • Crop Overlay: Cropping and straightening your photos
  • Spot Removal: Retouching photos in Lightroom
  • Spot Removal: Retouching photos in Lightroom
  • Heal Dust Spots
  • Red Eye Correction
  • Local Adjustments: Dodging, burning, and so much more
  • Graduated Filters
  • Radial Filters
  • Working with Adjustment Brush
  • Navigator panel
  • Presets: Apply multiple Develop adjustments with one click
  • Snapshots & History
  • Collections
  • Virtual copies
  • Apply settings from one photo to others
  • Soft proofing
  • External Editing – Photoshop
  • Exporting

Map Module

  • MAP: Plot your photo locations with GPS coordinates
  • Working with photos that already have GPS data
  • Adding GPS coordinates to photos using the map
  • Adding GPS coordinates to photos using a tracklog software
  • Navigator
  • Saved Locations
  • Collections
  • Metadata
  • Map display
  • Location Filter
  • Map Toolbar
  • Sync Metadata

Books Module

  • Design and order photo books in Lightroom
  • Create a new book with a custom layout
  • Preview panel
  • Collections: Create and manage Saved Books
  • Book previews
  • Book Toolbar
  • Book Filmstrip
  • Book Preferences
  • Book Settings
  • Book templates
  • Auto Layout: Create a book with one click
  • Working in the Auto Layout Preset Editor
  • Page panel: Add or change pages
  • Guides
  • Cell panel
  • Text panel: Add text to photos and pages
  • Table of Contents
  • Type: Style your text
  • Background panel
  • About covers
  • Create Saved Book
  • Send Book to Blurb

Slideshow Module

  • Make a Slideshow
  • Preview
  • Template Browser
  • Collections
  • Slideshow Toolbar
  • Options
  • Layout
  • Overlays
  • Backdrop
  • Titles
  • Playback
  • Preview and Play Your Slideshow
  • Impromptu Slideshow
  • Create Saved Slideshow
  • Exporting Slideshows

Print Module

  • Making a print
  • Preview
  • Template Browser
  • Collections
  • Page Setup
  • Main preview area
  • Print Toolbar
  • Layout & Layout Style
  • Single Image / Contact Sheet
  • Image Settings
  • Guides
  • Page
  • Picture Package
  • Image Settings
  • Rulers, Grid & Guides
  • Cells
  • Page
  • Custom Package
  • Printing

Web Module

  • Build a Lightroom Web Gallery
  • Preview panel
  • Template Browser
  • Collections
  • Main preview area
  • Web Toolbar
  • Layout Style
  • Site Info
  • Color Palette
  • Appearance
  • Image Info
  • Output & Upload Settings
  • Create Saved Web Gallery
  • Preview in Browser
  • Export & Upload


  • Catalog Settings
  • Catalog backups
  • Maintaining catalog integrity
  • Using multiple catalogs
  • Export as Catalog
  • Import from Catalog
  • Working with Lightroom on multiple computers

Adobe Photoshop segment will go over the following:

  • Photoshop Overview and Settings
  • Understanding file formats, resolution, canvas size, and print size
  • Opening, Viewing, and Saving Files
  • Layers – Selecting, stacking, aligning, and grouping layers, blending
  • Selections: Choosing What to Edit – Marquee, Lasso, and Brush tools
  • Using Refine Edge, Quick Selection, and layer masks to isolate soft edge objects
  • Understanding Channels
  • Cropping, Resizing, Rotating, Straightening, Transforming, Warping, Scaling
  • Combining Images
  • Draining, Changing, and Adding Color
  • Correcting Color and Lighting
  • Improving tone, contrast, and color selectively
  • Retouching blemishes, smoothing skin, whitening teeth, and brightening eyes
  • Retouching with the Liquify, Content-Aware Fill, Healing Brush, and Patch tools
  • Converting to black and white and tinting images
  • Sharpening
  • Filters
  • Actions
  • Plug-Ins: Silver Efex Pro and Imagenomic Portraiture
  • Using Adobe Bridge

Note: To fully cover the above segments I recommend that you opt in for a three-day workshop otherwise we will have to skip or accelerate through certain parts in order to fit within the available time.

(If you have a different software package please check with me first to see if it will be of any use.)

Workflow & Post Processing Workshops in Asia - Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Move your mouse over the image to see the before image.
Workflow & Post Processing Workshops in Asia – Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Photo shoot in HCMC, Vietnam
Photo shoot in HCMC, Vietnam
On Photo Expedition in North Vietnam